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We're running around Hogwarts picking up goodies for our next Madness Wrap... at least mentally... Christmas 17' 

Love and Madness "Unicorn Utopia" 2 piece pasties set


Are you a Rainbow Child? Do you love Unicorns? 

These are poppin' up just in time for festivals or EDC whichever floats your tails...Hawt Damn! Here we go, bringing it again... that's right... Our Famous Pasties have a new member of The Crew! Bitchin"

Did you know that The Madness Pasties you buy give back to Babes in need! Check out our new women's fund-

  • 2 pieces in the set 
  • covered in glitter 
  • Designed by Heather McAvoy 
  • Profits benefit Womens Orgs 
  • #GirlGangStrong