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We're running around Hogwarts picking up goodies for our next Madness Wrap... at least mentally... Christmas 17' 

Love and Madness "Thunderdome" 4 piece pasties and face mask set


So what do we do with our lives?
We leave only a mark.
Will our story shine like a light,
Or end in the dark?
Give it all or nothing!

We don't need another Hero... or... maybe we do... regardless, you're going to look like one dancing the night away... or saving The Universe in our super creative statement... 

Did you know that The Madness Pasties you buy give back to Babes in need! Check out our new women's fund-

  • 4 pieces in the set 
  • Silver thick foil 
  • Designed by Heather McAvoy 
  • Profits benefit Womens Orgs 
  • #GirlGangStrong